Fixed Kite and Movable Kite

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    Curtain Side Systems

Widely adopted by the drinks industry, the fixed kite system is the restraint of choice for many of the UK’s largest drinks distributors. With a consistent load of palletised goods or shrink wrapped bottles and cans, the kite system consistently covers and restrains pallet sized loads that are often made up of many different products.

With the height of drinks vehicles tending to be lower, fork lift damage can be an issue if anything protrudes below pelmet height. The FS200 fixed kite system neatly tucks above the pelmet height and leaves no mechanical parts in the line of damage from enthusiastic or under pressure forklift drivers.

The kite sizes can be varied to cover one pallet, two or even span the full length of the vehicle dependent on preference.

A moveable system will allow more flexibility if the load is not always conforming to standard pallet sizes.