Duty and Care

AS AN EMPLOYER it is your responsibility to ensure the health, safety and welfare of your employees whilst at work and it is your duty to provide plant and maintenance systems that are safe to use and do not pose a risk where practicably possible.

SECURITY of any load on a vehicle is the responsibility of the vehicle operator, this responsibility extends to anyone who may be affected by the consequences of having an insecure load on their vehicle. This could be from minor injuries securing the load to major incidents involving fatalities.

Freight Securing Systems believe that one of the biggest risks posed by any vehicle travelling with any level of momentum is the movement and containment of the vehicle’s contents.

The Road Traffic Act clearly states that the general requirements for safe transport are:

– The sum of forces in any direction equals zero

– The sum of moments in any plane equals zero

There are many different ways to secure a load on a vehicle however almost all of the current systems would struggle to meet the above requirements if experiencing an extreme change of direction or when involved in an accident.

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